Amazon wants to legalise murder

Or at least according to some old gimmer from the music industry.

Apparently Amazon has started an online storage service in America that will let you upload your music and videos and then stream them to your computer, games console, mobile phone, internet radio or whatever.

Good idea? It’s not something I would be interested in, but I can see why some people would be. But in typical fashion, the music industry wants to destroy it before it’s even started. This is how they described it:

“It sounds like legalized murder to me.”

Here’s the link for your amusement. The top one is Google’s cache with the comment highlighted, the bottom is the original.,%22+site:


About Marcus Blakeston

Ex-shouting poet, ex-fanzine writer, ex-angry young man (now growing old disgracefully). Living in sunny Yorkshire with his wife, children and motorcycle, Marcus still has a healthy distrust of all forms of authority.
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