England Belongs to Me – Steve Goodman

This is quite an old book, so you will probably need to fork out a fair bit for it. I got mine for £10 on Ebay. It was published by ST Publishing, the same people who reprinted the Richard Allen books in the mid-90s.

At its heart a love story between skinhead boy and punk girl set in 1977, it mixes in a bit of organised nazi skinhead political thuggery to act as villain interest. I think it would have been better without this, but that’s probably me just being a sentimental soppy cunt.

The main nazi-skin is an ex-mercenary soldier and is recruited by a shady Yank after watching him in a pub brawl, eventually becoming leader of a group of nazi-skinheads who act as foot-soldiers for a political organisation.

Nazi-skinhead’s gang beat up one of hero skinhead’s friends, hero-skin takes his own gang along for some quick revenge, and in doing so inadvertently foils one of nazi-skin’s plans. After that, nazi-skin is out to get hero-skin, and this forms the bulk of the story.

As you can probably guess, hero-skin is a SHARP :-)

Minor quibbles aside, this is a good addition to the genre. It’s certainly better written than the Richard Allen books. I didn’t like the way it ended, and one of the closing scenes will haunt me for years to come. Like I said, I’m just a soppy cunt.

If the author is reading this and would be interested in re-releasing this as an ebook, send me a message.

 There is also a short story by Steve Goodman, At The Edge, which you can read for free at the link below. That one is about a group of skinheads who go for a day out at the seaside and fight with some mods. It’s not as polished as England Belongs To Me, and has a lot of typos, but if you don’t mind those it’s worth a read.



About Marcus Blakeston

Ex-shouting poet, ex-fanzine writer, ex-angry young man (now growing old disgracefully). Living in sunny Yorkshire with his wife, children and motorcycle, Marcus still has a healthy distrust of all forms of authority.
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2 Responses to England Belongs to Me – Steve Goodman

  1. Liam Hines says:

    Ehm, Del wasn’t a SHARP. That didn’t come around until the late eighties in the United States. He just wasn’t Racist. But otherwise I like the review. It’s a lot about the punk scene, too, but it mainly focuses on the life of the young skinhead. It’s not all back and forth between Del and the Nazi.

  2. Hi cheers for the review, a point to bear in mind when considering the lack of polish in my novel, is the fact I am a life-long dyslexic who had to endure an enforced remedial education and so any footsteps into literary are largely self-taught in the years that followed my secondary school education. This lack of training is probably where the stylisation problems originate…typos, bad grammer and mis-placed punctuation. The difference between me and a figure like Richard Allen..is purely experience – I have and still do live the life i portray. As to Ebooks…I’m trying to reconstitute the electronic version of EBTM… as the original word document was lost in a computor crash years back. Have scanned my last remaining copy in as an OCR orientated effort but I am finding the word recognition still appears to be random and making the prospect of copying it in by hand – noting where the punctuation occurs to replicate it.more viable if a lengthy process.

    “At the edge” was a raw effort i wrote for Parisian Based magazine “Cherribbi”, it was translated into French and publish there in the first instance. the Original EBTM novel has a German translation which was published and released in 1996. this version is likewise a hard copy with no electronic backup. But if anyone is interested in organising and handling the re-issue there…then please get in touch on my internet radio station addy stevengoodm@punkyreggaeradio.co.uk

    Also check out the station and other articles i have penned on the http://www.punkyreggaeradio.co.uk website.

    Lastly an amusing note from my early writing career is i was a co-recipiant of a British Arts Council Prize in 1996 for my contribution to a community published book of life on a London concrete jungle housing estate called “the Ferrier”. the publication is probably rarer than my novel and was called “Voices of the ferrier”

    I got a personal mention for a poem included called “tower Blocks” (You can find this on my youtube site at http://www.youtube.com/stevegoodman100.


    Steve G

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