The Meat Wagon

They are a brutal, outlaw motorcycle gang.
She is a single parent working the night shift at a petrol station.
Together they battle through hordes of flesh eating ghouls to claim the ultimate prize.

When civilisation comes to an end, the Warhogs motorcycle gang are too busy partying to notice. But after their weekend of drink and drugs fuelled debauchery is over they find themselves in a world gone mad. Never having had anything but contempt for the law in their previous life, they embrace their new situation and are ready to take full advantage of it.

Holing up in a fenced off industrial estate near Shefferham, it’s not long before they turn their thoughts to the nearby Meadowside shopping centre and all the treasure it contains – enough food and consumer goods for them to live in complete luxury for the rest of their lives.

But with five men and only one woman between them, there are more pressing needs to sort out first…

Bonus second feature: Simon Goes Shopping … with a baseball bat!

Read the sample here

Paperback £5.99 / $9.99

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Ebook £1.99 / $2.99

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