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Happy Thatcher Day everyone!


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Cover images for Punk Rock Nursing Home

Front Cover:  Back cover:  

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Blow up Thatcher doll

She fucked you and your community in the 1980s … Now you can fuck her back. Comes with free puncture repair kit for those times when you just can’t resist stabbing her.

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The Vibrators at The Outlook in Doncaster 1977

The first band I ever went to see play live were The Vibrators. I was 12 at the time, not far off 13, and they were playing at a night club in Doncaster called The Outlook. My older brother (he … Continue reading

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Hagar the Womb Blackpool Rebellion 3 August 2012 – Photos + Audio

This audio is here with the permission of the band, please support them in any way you can.   Rebellion, Blackpool Winter Gardens, Bizarre Bizzare, 3 August 2012, 5pm 192kbps mp3, 48mb.  

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How to publish your book in paperback or digital ebook

So you’ve written a book. Well done. You’ve already done the hard part, the part that nobody else is capable of doing, so don’t let anyone con you into spending money publishing it. In my day (and sometimes night) job … Continue reading

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The Crass / Exploited war

Well I got caught up in some fucking pointless wars in my time, but this one had to be the most pointless of all. The Ted war was pretty scary – a bunch of middle-aged blokes beating up teenagers, what … Continue reading

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Barnes & Noble unbanned my book

Bah. Now I’ll have to try a bit harder.    

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Barnes & Noble banned my book

I wrote ACAB as a teaser story for my motorcycle gang versus zombies book The Meat Wagon. At the time it was the most violent thing I’d ever written, and I had a lot of fun writing it. It’s about … Continue reading

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How to write a book (with apologies to Mark Perry)

This is a plot: Some blokes go to the pub and get drunk. This is some dialogue: “Whose round is it?” This is some action: A fight breaks out. NOW GO AND WRITE A BOOK!   Some common excuses not … Continue reading

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